Apr 10

Laura on Judge Judy

As some of you know, Laura was on Judge Judy a while back as a witness. Here is that episode.

No one was awarded anything since they were all being stupid, but they did get a free trip to LA for the filming.

Nov 09

Laura’s Birthday

Laura’s birthday was Friday so we got to eat out plenty of times this weekend. We skipped presents this year since she wants a laptop for Christmas, but she did get her favorite kind of birthday cake.

Taco Pizza

Oct 09

Weiner Dog

We had an addition to our family yesterday which was one of the items on Laura’s list of things she’s always wanted.  Read what Laura has to say about him on Shiny Duck.

Kaden likes him but wasn’t too thrilled about the shots he received at his 18 month checkup.

Aug 09

Never fish with Laura

Laura and I went fishing yesterday with her grandpa. I caught one good sized bass in the same time she caught about 30. You should never fish with Laura.

Laura's Fish

Aug 09

Laura makes a funnel cake

Laura loves funnel cake so much that she decided to try making one tonight. It turned out pretty good too.

Laura makes a funnel cake