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Oct 10


Hi blog. It’s been a while, but that’s because we’ve been super busy.

We spent Labor Day at the lake in Eureka Springs, and a few weeks later, Laura and I went to Colorado for our first vacation alone. We went horseback riding and spent a week in Grand Lake and Winter Park.

When we got back, someone smashed into my car at work and left about $3000 worth of damage we get to pay for.

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Nov 09


We decided not to trick-or-treat this year since Laura and I do not eat candy and Kaden is too young for it. I worked most of the weekend so we didn’t hand any out either.

Kaden's Pumpkin

Laura carved Kaden’s pumpkin and her car ended up getting vandalized in the middle of the night. She came down with the flu Sunday and I have a lot to do at work so this week looks pretty uneventful as well.