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Oct 10


Hi blog. It’s been a while, but that’s because we’ve been super busy.

We spent Labor Day at the lake in Eureka Springs, and a few weeks later, Laura and I went to Colorado for our first vacation alone. We went horseback riding and spent a week in Grand Lake and Winter Park.

When we got back, someone smashed into my car at work and left about $3000 worth of damage we get to pay for.

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Jul 10

Fourth of July

This year for the Fourth, we used one of my vacation days and visited Laura’s aunt in Loveland, CO. We left Friday and returned last night.


While we were there, we spent plenty of time enjoying the weather, had lunch in Wyoming, fed the chipmunks in Estes Park, and stopped by Casa Bonita on the way home.

Apr 10

Laura on Judge Judy

As some of you know, Laura was on Judge Judy a while back as a witness. Here is that episode.

No one was awarded anything since they were all being stupid, but they did get a free trip to LA for the filming.

Jan 10

Christmas 2009

After two weeks and 6 meals celebrating, we finally put away our Christmas decorations today.

Smith Family Christmas Tree 2009

This year was pretty expensive but well worth it. Highlights include: Continue reading →

Nov 09

Turkey Day

We celebrated Thanksgiving twice this year by having our own dinner Wednesday and with Laura’s mom and family Thursday. There wasn’t much excitement except for a mean game of dominos with her grandparents.

Laura always wanted to camp out for Black Friday so last night we slept in the Best Buy parking and got her a $700 laptop for $500. Continue reading →

Nov 09

Laura’s Birthday

Laura’s birthday was Friday so we got to eat out plenty of times this weekend. We skipped presents this year since she wants a laptop for Christmas, but she did get her favorite kind of birthday cake.

Taco Pizza

Nov 09


We decided not to trick-or-treat this year since Laura and I do not eat candy and Kaden is too young for it. I worked most of the weekend so we didn’t hand any out either.

Kaden's Pumpkin

Laura carved Kaden’s pumpkin and her car ended up getting vandalized in the middle of the night. She came down with the flu Sunday and I have a lot to do at work so this week looks pretty uneventful as well.

Oct 09

Weiner Dog

We had an addition to our family yesterday which was one of the items on Laura’s list of things she’s always wanted.  Read what Laura has to say about him on Shiny Duck.

Kaden likes him but wasn’t too thrilled about the shots he received at his 18 month checkup.

Sep 09

Three year anniversary

Today is our third anniversary.  We went to Timberline Steakhouse to celebrate and I took the rest of the week off.

Unity Candle

On Friday I’m taking Laura to her favorite restaurant for lunch, and tomorrow Kaden turns 18 months.

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Sep 09

Labor Day weekend

Laura, Kaden and I went fishing again over Labor Day weekend and caught a ton of fish. We spent a few days in Arlington and the rest in Wichita doing yard work.

John Deere Hat